Wellness Warrior

Wellness Warriors Wanted. It can be YOU, a FRIEND, or a LOVED ONE. Have you been inspired or inspiring? We want to hear about the steps you take in living a HEALTHIER, more SUSTAINABLE LIFE! Tell us your story.

Be someone's motivation!


  • Support human and planetary health.
  • Focus on community engagement and recognize wellness as our shared responsibility.
  • Integrate regular and fun physical activity and stress reduction into daily life for all.
  • Teach children how to live healthy lives.
  • Share healthy eating habits.
  • Encourage choices that are environmentally responsible.
  • Protect a safe and healthy environment in which we live, work and play.
  • Preserve Earth’s natural resources for future generations: clean air, water, food, and soil.      

Submit your Wellness Warrior story for a chance to win a FREE Wellness Day, complete with massage and gift card to Academy Sports & Outdoors.

Please submit your story and any photos relevant to your story below or email us at info@liberty-rehab.com. Deadline is November 11, 2016.

We will select one lucky winner for this Wellness Day treat! We will contact you should the opportunity arise for us to publish your story in print or online.


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