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Kinesio Taping

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Kinesio tape is a thin, stretchy, water proof tape.  Our therapists will apply the tape with different tensions to generate the appropriate amount of support to stabilize the affected area.  The tape provides support but  allows for movement. The tape gently lifts the skin and allows increased blood flow between the skin and the affected muscle area below.

Objectives for taping include:

  • Muscle support: improves ability to move weakened or injured muscles and reduce pain.
  • Improves blood circulation: improves circulation by lifting the skin gently.
  • Stimulates healing: promotes healing naturally.
  • Improves joint problems: increased range of motion.
  • Re-education: improves activation of muscles to retrain movement patterns.

Some of the benefits of taping include:

  • Improved Alignment. Variable amounts of tension can pull on your muscles and gently guide them back into alignment, allowing improved joint pain and soreness.
  • Reduce pain in certain areas. If applied to the affected area, the tape may improve swelling or reduce tension that is causing pain.
  • Injury prevention. Provide feedback to an area that needs stabilzation, like a reminder alarm. This can be used as part of re education training.