Occupational Therapy


Dual Task Training

Hey #Libertyfamily Check out a this treatment technique. Although it’s advised to sit for this one, walking and watching this video could be dangerous..BUT walking while doing other things could be useful.

6 Ways to Prevent a Stroke

🧠This week our therapists share information brain health- specifically stroke ✋🏼prevention, 👀identification. and 💪🏼rehabilitation. 🗣Drop a comment below to share what you change you think is the easiest? Hardest? Be sure to tune in Friday, May 8th for a live webinar "Act FAST: Before and After a Stroke" hosted by Dr. Martin. 📞Call us at (210) 656-5848 to speak to a therapist today.


📢 NEW REPORT 📢 Great news about PT vs glucocorticoid injections on the outcomes of knee OA! 👂🏼 listen in on the newest published report about the benefits of PT for knee OA! If you have questions call us: North Central: (210) 490-4738 North East: (210) 656-5848 Southside: (210) 922-6292

Stroke Warning Signs

May is #AmericanStrokeMonth! 🧠 Today, Dr. Erica Parazo is sharing ‼️ LIFE-SAVING information about stroke warning signs. Remember: B.E. F.A.S.T.!!!

How to Measure Hypermobility

Hi #LibertyFamily, 🦓This month is Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month. 🦓 👩🏽‍⚕️Dr. Angela Martin demonstrates how physical therapists 🔎measure hypermobility or increased flexibility often associated with EDS. 💻Be sure to tune in Friday to Dr. Rebecca Cantu's live webinar on Ehlers-Danlos and physical therapy.